Besides the high-quality finish, De Admiraal also stands out when it comes to energy efficiency. An average new-build property manages an energy performance coefficient (EPC) of 0.4. The EPC rating tells you how energy efficient it is: the lower the EPC, the better. De Admiraal’s EPC is 0. This high level of sustainability can be attributed to the use of smart systems and high-grade materials such as ground-coupled cold and heat storage, triple glazing, solar panels, solar control glazing, a heat pump and a modern heat recovery system.

Energy-efficient buildings

Not only De Admiraal, but all the other buildings on Oostenburg also have a sustainable energy system. The ground underneath these buildings is used as a source of heat, cooling, and energy. And heat from ventilation air and hot waste water is recovered. The roofs of the various buildings are lined with solar panels and the buildings’ excellent insulation rating means there will be barely any temperature differences between the various rooms in your home. Old materials are reused as much as possible. In short: the ecological footprint has been minimised to help achieve global climate targets.